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To assist start-ups to manage their legal spend, we offer the following fixed price packages.

Business Structure

What you get:

  • A general telephone discussion of up to 30 minutes exploring possible ways of structuring your business and the considerations involved.

  • A further general telephone discussion of up to 30 minutes regarding your business structure after you have spoken to your accountant.  This discussion can take place with you and your accountant in a conference call.

  • A quote for the cost of setting up the structure and/or assisting you to set up the structure.

  • 60% of our usual rates.

​Lawyer on Call


What you get:

  • The ability to call us and have 5 general telephone discussions of 30 minutes each in the next 12 months regarding setting up your start-up business.

  • 50% of our usual rates.

Obtain a Quote

Request a quote for your desired package by completing and submitting the form alongside. 


We will then send you a quote, and if you wish to proceed on the basis of the quote we will ask for confirmation and payment from you.  Until then you are under no obligation to proceed.


Please contact us here if you have any queries:

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