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General Counsel Retainer

Wouldn’t it be handy to bounce ideas and issues off an experienced commercial lawyer at your Board or C-suite meetings, or at project or strategy meetings?  Or perhaps even to have one on-site every now and then?  Or to handle an agreed scope of work?

This could end up being fairly expensive at lawyer’s usual hourly rates.  And employing an in-house lawyer, even part-time, could be costly, depending on your circumstances.

This is where our General Counsel packages come in.

If you purchase a package, you can have an outsourced general counsel at a reduced fixed price based on significantly reduced rate. 

Follow the link below to see some of our packages on offer.  If these packages don't suit, we are happy to tailor a package to your specific needs.

Business Meeting

Call for Help

If you have any questions regarding our General Counsel Packages, please contact us to discuss your situation by calling us on +613 8692 7255 or messaging us here.   


If the listed packages do not suit you, we can tailor a fixed price package for you once we know the background and your requirements.  



Some of the benefits of taking up one of our General Counsel Packages are as follows.

  • Practicality and Experience.  Legal advice is one thing, but often the more important questions are what the business should do in light of the likely/possible legal position, and whether detailed legal advice is advisable.  This type of practical, cost-effective input is often best obtained outside the ivory towers, through informal discussions with an experience, trusted commercial lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of your business with whom you have regular contact.  While it has its place, the formal, removed, ivory tower approach does not lend itself to this type of commerciality or cost-effectiveness.

  • Cost effective.  Engaging a lawyer at an hourly charge-out rate, whilst sometimes unavoidable, can be very expensive and provides little or no certainty as to what the total cost of a matter might be.   Our packages provide certainty as to costs, and the fixed prices are calculated at significantly reduced rates (rates and offers that cannot be matched by the more traditional type of law firm, with their fixed rent and staff overheads and billings / net profit targets).

  • Relationship.  The greater the lawyer’s knowledge and understanding about your business and its management and owners, and their motivations and values, the more value the lawyer can add.  A General Counsel would gain this knowledge and understanding through regular attendance at your meetings.  And the increased trust and level of communication that develops through regular contact adds further to the relevance and value of the lawyer’s input.

  • Legal Specialists.  Sometimes there is a need for a business to engage the services of a specialist lawyer.  It’s hard for a business to know which legal specialist to engage, how to manage the brief and how to manage related legal spend.  It can also be hard for a business to understand the advice provided by specialists and to make sensible commercial decisions on the basis of that advice.  Also, owners and management are often so busy working on the business that they do not have the time to devote to a matter where a specialist has been engaged, especially in relation to litigation.  General Counsel can step in to assist with all of these aspects.



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If you would like to discuss any aspect of this article with us, or share your own experiences, please contact Rod Stumbles at +613 8692 7255 or here.



This article provides general information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.  No lawyer-client, solicitor-client or attorney-client relationship has been created between us.  You must not rely on the contents of this article, whether as an alternative to legal advice from a lawyer or other professional legal services provider or otherwise.  You should not take, discontinue or refrain from taking any action because your understanding of the contents of this article, including without limitation delay seeking legal advice or disregard legal advice.  If you have any specific questions about any matter, you should engage us or other lawyers or other professional legal services providers to provide you with the necessary advice.  Keep in mind that you may be facing important deadlines so you should not delay in engaging someone to provide you with the advice.

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